Risks That Are Not Covered By Cellphone Insurance

Smartphone insurance usually provides two handling offers, namely direct payment (reimbursement) of cellphone service fees. As for coverage for loss, the form is a replacement for the price of the mobile phone.

These risks should be studied carefully by the owner of the phone. In addition to knowing which ones can be covered by insurance, this action also aims to increase caution when using mobile phones.

It needs to be understood first, not all risks can be protected by HP or smartphone insurance. These exceptions include:

Damage caused by intentional acts
Damage due to normal wear and tear or gradual deterioration
Damage due to self repair or repair at an unofficial service center
Loss due to personal negligence (theft or robbery)
Damage covered by the official smartphone brand warranty
Smartphone accessories replacement
Replacement of software or power contained in the smartphone
Other exceptions listed in the cellphone or smartphone insurance policy

Types of Mobile Insurance
In general, the types of HP insurance sold in Indonesia are divided into two types, namely screen protection and full protection. Here’s an explanation of the two:

1. Screen protection
This type of HP insurance will provide special protection for damage that occurs to your cellphone screen or you could say it is HP screen insurance. The sum insured itself will usually be adjusted to the premium you choose.

2. All risk protection
As the name implies, this type of HP insurance provides protection from all types of risks, ranging from damage, manufacturing defects, to loss.

Usually, the insurer will provide benefits 1 time during the protection period. Even so, there are also those who will protect more than once, depending on the benefit package you choose.


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