The Best Insurance for Android Phones

Insurance for Android phones can now be a profitable alternative. Just imagine if we have to spend a lot more money for the cost of servicing damage to our cellphones.

Meanwhile, the Android cellphone itself is already expensive. It is because of this that insurance companies are not the only two that offer insurance for Android phones.

There are many choices, but here is the best insurance for our flagship android phone:

1. Tecprotect
The best insurance for our first choice of Android phones is Tecprotec. This insurance provides protection for our Android cellphones from damage due to liquids to replacement due to being robbed.

This insurance is certainly different from a guarantee. Because this insurance still provides guarantees even if the damage is due to negligence of the user, for example falling, being exposed to liquid or being stolen.

There are 2 products, namely proValue, proClassic and proPremium. ProValue is suitable for Android phones whose value is less than IDR 2.5 million.

Meanwhile, ProClassic will provide an equivalent and the same cellphone replacement. Likewise with proPremium.

If our Android cellphone is lost stolen, it will be replaced with an Android cellphone of the same model.

The premium offered is also quite cheap, starting from IDR 15,000 per month, we can get a guarantee of up to 2 years.

2. Kukukoo
Kukukoo is one of the best insurance for the next Android phone. Kukukoo is working with Allianz Indonesia, which of course already has a name in the insurance sector.

This protection covers the cost of repairs to replacement. This Kukukoo insurance will reimburse the cost of repairing our Android cellphone which is damaged due to accidental contact with liquid as long as the service is done at a designated official repair shop.

We will get reimbursement with a certain maximum amount, depending on the type of policy we have.

For a replacement, Butterfly will usually give it if the Android cellphone is totally damaged and can’t be repaired.

They will replace it with the same model or if it is not on the market, it will be replaced with the same value.

3. AXA Mandiri

The best insurance for Android phones also comes from AXA Mandiri, with the insurance service name Product Purchase Secure Insurance.

The best insurance for Android phones, guarantees protection for damaged cellphones due to drops, bumps, splashes, cracked screens, and more.

This insurance also provides protection against theft, robbery and robbery. As for damage that is guaranteed at least 75%.

The maximum replacement value is equal to the price of the cellphone, a minimum of IDR 3 million and a maximum of IDR 10 million.

This insurance also provides a coverage period of 3 months from the time you buy a new cell phone. It’s a shame that only Samsung Galaxy brand android phones can use this insurance.


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