The Best Insurance for Android Phones

This is the best insurance choice for Android phones. Because now insurance is not only for life, houses, vehicles, or gold. Insurance for Android phones is also now available.

Electronic devices are now a necessity for humans. One of them is a smartphone. Nowadays there are lots of Android smartphones at crazy prices.

The high price certainly makes us as the owners to be very careful in using it. But the risk of damage because we have an accident or our mistake is always there.

Therefore, now there are many insurances that offer protection for Android cellphones. Expensive Android phones can even reach tens of millions.

Usually, if something is damaged for such an expensive Android phone that is caused by our mistakes as users, the manufacturer will not want to take responsibility even though it is still in the warranty period. Usually they will only make the service free.

As for spare parts and costs? Don’t expect it to be free because it’s not a factory defect.

Now to overcome this problem, insurance for Android cellphones appears. This time we will provide the best insurance information for our chosen Android cellphone. Keep reading this article.

List of the Best Insurance for Android Phones
1. Tecprotect
2. Kukukoo
3. AXA Mandiri


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