The Best Mobile Insurance Recommendations

Cellphone insurance options are very diverse, not just one or two insurance companies that have it. Starting from insurance companies, cellphone shops, e-commerce, to ride-hailing companies, they already have this insurance product.

Here are some smartphone insurances that can be used as a reference:

1. Tecprotect
This insurance provides protection for Android cellphones from the risk of physical damage, damage due to liquids, to the risk of loss.

This insurance is issued by Home Credit. EASYCOVER provides cellphone protection from physical damage and liquid damage, as well as unit replacement. Meanwhile, MAXCOVER provides protection from theft or robbery plus all EASYCOVER protection. All of them have a protection period of 12 months.

3. Kukukoo
Kupukoo is a smartphone insurance that has collaborated with Allianz Indonesia. Kukukoo will reimburse repair costs and even replace the cellphone with a new unit if it is totally damaged.

4. Product Purchase Secure Insurance
This insurance from AXA Mandiri provides guarantees for cellphone protection due to drops, bumps, cracked screens, and others. For guaranteed damage of at least 75 percent. The maximum replacement value is equivalent to the price of a mobile phone with a range starting from IDR 3 million – IDR 10 million.

5. Global Aplus
Adira’s mobile phone insurance, in collaboration with PT Global Teleshop, is intended for Apple mobile phones only.

6. My Gadgets
My Gadget is a smartphone insurance product from Ponsel Duit (PEDE) in collaboration with PT MNC Asuransi Indonesia. Premiums are offered starting from IDR 8,000 per month with protection of up to IDR 5 million per year.

7. Gadget Protection
This smartphone insurance is issued by Tokopedia specifically for products purchased through the e-commerce. Premiums start from IDR 46,000 for a protection period of 12 months from when the goods are received.

8. Moveable All Risks
Moveable All Risk is a product of GoSure, this insurance service is a product of Gojek. This insurance product cooperates with Pasarpolis.

9. Gadget Insurance
This insurance is a collaboration product between Chubb Insurance and Selular Shop. Gadget Insurance provides coverage for the repair and replacement of cellphones at the risk of accidents.


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