Insurance in Indonesia offers Android and iOS applications


The technology that has been developing lately has actually spurred the enthusiasm of the insurance industry in Indonesia to create applications that make it easier for customers. This Android and iOS based application is predicted to be able to assist customers in making claims.

Tika Bisono, a psychologist, said that the insurance application will provide various conveniences to customers, including customers not having to bother bringing a car that was hit to make a claim, they just need to take a photo and send it from the application.

“It must be admitted, this innovation is progress. The insurance industry must indeed make a breakthrough so that it is not left behind by technological developments,” said Prof. Sulastri Surono, economist from the University of Indonesia in Jakarta, Friday.

Sulastri added that this application will support insurance services to be more excellent, such as in terms of speed, accuracy and convenience, as reported by AntaraNews.

Even though the convenience has been provided, it is possible that cybercrime can approach. Therefore, Sulastri urges you to be careful with people who have bad intentions to abuse this application.

One such interesting insurance application is Malacca EZ, which was launched by PT Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance. This application, which can be downloaded for free through the Play Store and App Store, promises the best insurance services to its users.

According to Vientje Harijanto, CEO of PT Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance, Malacca EZ does allow claims to be made by sending a photo of the part of the car that was hit through the application. “No need to wait long, the Malacca Call Center Officer will contact the customer concerned to process the claim,” said Vientje.


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