Mega Insurance Easies Vehicle Insurance Claims Through Android Application

Vehicle Insurance Claims Through Android Application

Mega Insurance released the newest application for online vehicle claims in 2020. Through this feature, Mega Insurance customers can immediately submit claims without being surveyed and everything is done using a smartphone.

Marketing Director of Mega Insurance, Tomy Ferdiansah said that by launching these additional features, Mega Insurance is expected to be able to provide easy and fast services to keep up with the times.

“Digital maneuvers of this kind are needed by Mega Insurance to be able to compete in the global business, especially the insurance market in Indonesia in the digital era. This is also in line with the company’s tagline which prioritizes service with easier and faster services,”.

“The biggest hope of this feature will make Mega Insurance even better in providing services and become one of the best general insurance in Indonesia,” he added.
He explained, submitting a claim or buying insurance online could be the best choice because it has several advantages. Among other things, limiting physical meetings with other people during the New Normal period, flexibility in time and place, online provides the opportunity to make comparisons and research more freely, and get explanations and reviews of insurance products to be purchased.

At the same time, Tommy said Mega Insurance also launched the Mega Insurance Assistant application #AntiRibet. This is a mobile application platform to provide convenience and speed of service to customers in terms of Vehicle Insurance claims.

The MIA application can be downloaded on the Play Store for Android users and on the App Store for iPhone users. The advantage of this application is that it makes it easy for customers to submit claims anywhere and anytime and easily because photos of damage and supporting documents can be sent directly through the application.


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