Easycover/Maxcover Protection Insurance on Android phones

There is also EASYCOVER/MAXCOVER insurance from Home Credit, which provides protection for our Android phones.

For EASYCOVER, protection is provided such as damage due to liquid and physical damage, replacement of a new cell phone. The duration of protection is up to 12 months.

As for MAXCOVER, all of the above protection is added with protection against robbery or theft.

This insurance is the best insurance for Android phones, because when our cellphones are repaired, we will be loaned a temporary cellphone by the insurer.

The claim is also easy and fast. Our broken android phone will be picked up for repair within 1-2 days.

So if there is damage to the cellphone, especially if it is expensive. we don’t have to worry anymore right?

Those are some of the best insurance for Android phones that can be your choice to protect your favorite smartphone. Actually, there is more insurance for Android phones out there.

But here’s what we think is best. To find the best insurance for Android phones, we must also compare it with other similar products.

By comparing how the service is, the conditions, and how to claim whether it’s easy or complicated, we can get the best insurance for our Android cellphones.

Through the CekAja.com page you can see directly and more easily how the existing insurance insurance compares. In addition, you can also register directly.

So if our Android cellphone is damaged because of something that is not a factory defect, we don’t need to worry anymore. Let’s immediately register our Android phones with the best HP insurance via CekAja.com


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